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Published September 07 2015

WTW Editorial Board

by Peter Biľak

Works That Work announces editorial board members, with the intention to further improve the magazine.

Works That Work has always been a team project and issues get to your door (or display) thanks to a talented team that includes designers Susana & Kai, copy-editor Ted, proofreader Johanna, and our many wonderful contributors. Still, most of the day-to-day operations are left to me. I enjoy the work very much, but I’ve always wondered if the single-editor/publisher model limits or biases the content too much. Today I am very pleased to present the newly-founded Works That Work editorial board. Its members are all individuals who have contributed to the magazine and helped to shape its direction:

Anne Miltenburg has been involved with the magazine from the early days as editor of the Artefacts section. She has also suggested a number of articles and wrote ‘Paradise Repurposed’. She travels extensively, (as I write she is returning from Kenya via Saudi Arabia, having recently been in the US), and she brings a global vision that the magazine will benefit from.

Ed van Hinte is a Dutch design critic, interested in many aspects of design. He has written a number of books, and you may remember his name from the Boeing 747 article in WTW No.2. Ed is also based in The Hague (just like Anne and myself), and I have the pleasure of meeting with him regularly to discuss the magazine over a cup of coffee.

Jonah Goodman, our third board member, worked earlier as editor of Colors magazine. For WTW he wrote a piece about innovations during the Sarajevo Siege. In the current issue he edited the Artefacts, and wrote two more pieces, ‘Prison innovations’, and ‘Italy’s Hidden Mosques’.

I am so glad to work with these unique personalities and believe that this board will not only give the magazine added credibility, but also make it even richer, even more full of delightful surprises.

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