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Published May 20 2014

How Can I Get Involved?

by Peter Biľak

Some of you have written to ask how you can get involved. Works That Work is a community-based magazine, and we welcome help.

One great thing about running a magazine like Works That Work is the direct contact with our readers. Some of you have written to ask how you can get involved. We love to hear from you, and truly appreciate your willingness to pitch in and be a part of the team.

Let’s Keep in Touch
The best way to get closer to us is to sign up for our monthly email news updates (scroll to the bottom of the page). You can also follow us on Twitter. We run a Facebook page as well, but we don’t feel exactly comfortable about driving our readers there, as Facebook shows only a small percentage of what we post and expects page owners to promote and pay in order to show news. (There is a workaround, however: On the WTW Facebook page, hover your cursor over where it says ‘Liked’ and click on ‘Add to Interests Lists’). Alternatively, you can use our RSS feed.

Being an ‘independent’ magazine means being independent of external forces, which in turn means being fully dependent on you, our readers. And although we are happy when readers buy the magazine in shops, if you buy via subscription the full amount of your purchase price goes to us. You can give a gift subscription to somebody special, or ask your school or company to subscribe. WTW is a great magazine for a wide audience, and people of all professions enjoy discovering a magazine and being inspired by projects they have never heard of before.

Spread the Word
If you enjoy the magazine, consider telling your friends and colleagues about it. Write a review. Take photos and post them on the web. If you know a place that you think should carry WTW, introduce us. If you know of popular blogs or publications, let us know; we’ll be happy to send them a review copy. Telling your friends why you like the the magazine is an honest and effective way of spreading the word and boosting our readership. This two minute video is a good introduction to the magazine.

Bring it Places
If you are planning a trip, take WTW with you. We work with volunteers who have free space in their luggage and bring the magazines to new places. Our site features a travel database where you can sign up to help deliver WTW. Just log in and enter your destination and travel dates.

Start a Readers Club
You can get WTW at half price when you order 10+ copies. Share the magazine with your friends, classmates and colleagues, explore the articles together and let us know which ones you enjoy the most. It is the most intimate connection between the publisher and readers, and we love it when we bring people together.

Become a magazine distributor, and bring WTW to your local shop, cafe or gallery, or just distribute it among your peers. You get the 50% distributor’s discount, and you can make some profit too.

We’ve written a separate blog post about how to become a contributor to the magazine. If you hear of subjects relevant to the magazine, let us know about it. If you are a writer or a photographer, get in touch. WTW is a community as much as a publication, and we like it when we can publish pieces by our readers.

Become a Patron
Running an quality magazine supported by readers is very costly. We can only keep doing it if we cover the costs. Become a patron, and in return get copies of the magazine, a small present, your name printed in the magazine & on the website, and a personal thank-you note.

Classified Ads
If you run a company or have something to say, consider placing a classified ad to reach thousands of creative, highly educated people around the world. See our Media Kit for details.

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