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Published January 07 2014

Video & Artefacts section

by Peter Biľak

WTW in two minutes, and some changes to the website.

We’re starting off the new year with a website update. Not a radical overhaul, but a few little improvements that we think you’ll like.

We’ve added a new section, Artefacts, where you’ll find quick looks at ingenious ideas from around the world that solve problems big and small. Besides the ones which have already appeared in the first and second edition of WTW, we’ll be adding new ones on a regular basis. We are constantly looking for new ideas, so if you have some tips, please do let us know at

To our great surprise, some visitors to our website didn’t realise that WTW is not just a cool site, but also a regular print magazine. To address this, we’ve put together a video that introduces the magazine, and our great readers have helped us with translations. So far the video comes with captions in 13 languages. (Thanks to Anne Miltenburg for the Dutch, Kai Bernau for German, Étienne Aubert Bonn and Kéthévane Cellard for the French, Tânia Raposo and Bebel Abreu for the Portuguese, Misha Beletsky for the Russian, Ohri Ogi for the Japanese, Sol Kawage for the Italian, Maggy Villarroel and Ángeles Briones for the Spanish, Ted Whang and Pavel Zelenka for the Czech, Gabriela Glückova for the Slovak, Stanisław Chmiela for the Polish and Tae Whang for the Korean).

Do you speak a language not covered here? You can help us translate the captions into more languages. We are specifically looking for Norwegian, Arabic and Chinese, (but other languages as well). Watch the video here, and download the English transcript here.

We’ve also improved our Member Profile section. You can now update your mailing address, email preferences, and credit card number. And if you’re a subscriber you will now find all our monthly subscriber-exclusive articles here as well.

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