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Published June 27 2016

Looking for Reader Photos

by Peter Biľak

In every issue we select a photograph of a WTW reader in an unexpected situation. Get a free copy for a submission.

Readers are central to Works That Work. They fully finance the magazine, they help to distribute the magazine. So we make them stars of the magazine. For every issue, we select a reader photo of a WTW reader. You might have seen them before.

Now we look for a photo of a reader in unexpected environment holding WTW No.7, which will be featured on the back cover of WTW No.8.

For every submission, you receive a free copy of the magazine. And the selected photograph will be remunerated financially too. Please send your photos before 15 September 2016, and to appear on the back cover of the issue that comes out in November.

Go on, send us your best shots.

As an inspiration, here are the submitted photos for the previous issue.

(Photo: Michaela Copikova)

(Photo: Harsha Vadlamani)

(Photo: Isabel Abreu)

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