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Published March 28 2014

Design of the Year 2013

by Ted Whang

Works That Work has been nominated for the Design of the Year 2014, by the Design Museum in London.

Those of you who read BBC, Dezeen, The International New York Times or Time Out London may have noticed that the Design Museum in London has announced the shortlist for its Designs of the Year 2014 competition, and that Works That Work has been nominated in the Graphics category. Other nominees include household names such as the Nest thermostat (Product category), Oculus Rift virtual reality headset (Digital category) and Prada’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection (Fashion category).

While we’re not sure how or why we were nominated, we are pleased to be listed among a number of fascinating projects such as NLÉ’s Makoko Floating School, Benjamin Hubert’s Ripple table, Dr. David Swann’s ABC syringe, Alvaro Catalán de Ocón’s PET lamp and a2b’s electric bicycles, among many others.

The contest includes a social media vote which, according to an email from Design Museum ‘will fully embrace the competitive nature of Designs of the Year. Each nominee will be featured on this upcoming web platform, going head to head against another nominee on a very specific day. For Works That Work: A Magazine Of Unexpected Creativity, you will be facing off against Grand-Central from Thibault Brevet on 24 April.’ Brevet is an interaction designer at the EPFL+ECAL Lab in Lausanne, and you can check out Grand-Central on Vimeo or on his website. To be perfectly honest, the idea of a popularity contest between two projects as completely different as WTW and Grand-Central doesn’t make much sense to us, nor does it seem to serve any real purpose other than generating publicity, but you are welcome to vote (on the 24 April) if you feel so inclined.

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