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Photo courtesy of Svein Kvalvik.

Gone Fishing — Lofoten Islands, Norway

by Anne Miltenburg

In order to attract particular species of fish across a large area more effectively, Svein Kvalvik developed a set of scent baits. Working with research institutes and industrial partners, he researched the smells and tastes that various fish prefer, and developed attractants made of raw marine materials that tickle their taste buds. One formula attracts cod, another halibut, and a third one trout, salmon and char, all from as far away as 700m (0.4mi). Kvalvik is currently finalising development of the product for the commercial fishing market. In the meantime, amateur fishermen can buy it in the form of a cream in a tube and apply it to their rubber fishing lures. Scent baits not only eliminate the need to carry fish as bait for other fish, they also limit the unwanted by-catch of species the fishermen were not looking for in the first place. Happy fishing.

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