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Moving Pictures

by Jonah Goodman (3163 words)

Far from the glamour and big budgets of Hollywood or even Bollywood, Bhutanese film directors must also be their own promoters, distributors, ticket sellers, projectionists and road crew.

‘There’s a lot of light at play up in the mountains,’ says Ugyen Wangdi, with bright, dark eyes. A stocky man close to his 60th birthday, he leans across the café table, charged and brimming with impetuous energy. ‘Especially in the monsoons, when the clouds descend, sometimes you look up and all of a sudden a very strong light like a floodlight passes through some pocket and hits at a certain point. Then,’ he says, leaning back, ‘you see the mountain open up, and then, just like a curtain in a cinema, it closes again.

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