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Works That Work, No.10,

Do Not Park

by Maja Demska (903 words)

The ‘parking goats’ of Bucharest are homemade markers used to stake out that most precious of commodities, the parking space.

Finding a place to park in Bucharest, the bustling capital of Romania, is not easy. The municipality offers only 8,000 parking spaces, a number woefully insufficient for the number of registered cars, and residents frequently resort to unusual measures to reserve a spot temporarily. Polish artist Maja Demska spent six months in Bucharest documenting the capra de parcare or ‘parking goats’, improvised, handmade objects that send a clear message that they are guarding parking spaces for someone close by. Demska was surprised by the diversity of forms and materials used to build the goats, as well as by the fact that they seem to work. Although the parking goats have no legal standing, drivers largely respect them.

Maja Demska is a designer based in Warsaw.

This article comes from Works That Work magazine, No.10.
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